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Plus lots more to come!

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Shy FX is, without question, one of the original pioneers of the Jungle and Drum & Bass scenes; a true innovator for dance music across the globe. Shy FX crashed the British pop charts in mid-1994 with "Original Nuttah", one of the most infectious Ragga-Jungle anthems of all time and quickly became one of Jungle's most respected producers.

While his club shows are great, it doesn’t get much better that Shy FX in the open air and we can’t wait to welcome him to the meadow. Supporting him with mic duties will be Stamina MC a multi-talented natural performer, effortlessly combining the roles of vocalist, host and MC with a massive stage presence.   


Jonas Blue is a British DJ, music producer, songwriter, and remix artist. He is known for his distinctive style, and his music is often categorized as tropical house, dance-pop, or EDM. Ever since breaking into the major music scene in 2015, he has collaborated with a wide variety of artists from the UK, North America, and Australia. He has introduced many new voices through his songs and has also given a bigger platform to many lesser-known artists. His songs are almost always expected to achieve the “platinum” or the “multiplatinum” status and he is guaranteed to bring the party to Swansea Summer Ball 2022!  

Jonas Blue Social Sq_Jonas Blue.png
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Calling all Super Troopers! Live at this year’s Summer Ball MANIA will be performing ABBA’s greatest hits and transport you back to the 70s with their iconic dance anthems to classic love songs. Will you be first in line to see the world’s number one ABBA tribute band? Formed in 1999 and performing at over 3,000 live concerts in 30 countries, MANIA is one not to miss at this year’s Summer Ball. So come on Dancing Queens, make sure the tickets aren’t Slipping Through your Fingers and Take a Chance on this world class ABBA tribute band in Abbey Meadow this year! 


26-year Youtuber, singer and comedian Yung Filly will be joining us this year at Swansea Summer Ball 2022. One of the UK’s top emerging talents will be live in Abbey meadows, performing his R&B hits.   With over 246,709 monthly listeners on Spotify and 1.2Million YouTube followers, Take the Time to secure your tickets to see Yung Filly take to our stage in SSB 2022.  

Yung Filly Social Sq_Yung Filly.png
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Singer-songwriter Dylan will be joining us at Swansea Summer Ball 2022. With the release of her three outstanding singles and her headline sold out show at Camden Assembly, the up-and-coming artist is sure to bring the same charm and candid honesty listeners have come to expect from the 21-year-old. Dylan will be performing her biggest-sounding song, ‘No Romeo’ as well as other fan favourites, ‘Nineteen’, ‘Someone Else’ and ‘You’re Not Harry Styles’.  

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